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The new ??-217 changes standards for Bluetooth headsets from the entry and middle segments. It is a Multipoint one so you can connect to 2 phones, when you take it out from the holder it automaticly takes the call, and the battery can hold for up to 3 months in Standby!!! More info at:

You can find the new Nokia 6303i in our partners' shops. The Nokia 6303i classic features stainless steel covers and timeless design with effortless email, instant messaging and imaging, including a 3.2 megapixel full focus camera.

Skype now available for Nokia smartphones in Ovi Store More than 200 million smartphone users worldwide now have Skype at their fingertips Luxembourg and Espoo, Finland - Skype and Nokia today jointly announced the release of Skype for Symbian, a Skype client for Nokia smartphones based on the Symbian platform, the world's most popular smartphone platform. Skype for Symbian will allow Nokia smartphone users worldwide to use Skype on the move, over either a WiFi or mobile data connection (GPRS, EDGE, 3G). It is now downloadable for free from the Ovi Store, Nokia's one-stop shop for mobile content. Skype for Symbian enables Nokia smartphone users to: - Make free Skype-to-Skype calls to other Skype users anywhere in the world* - Save money on calls and texts (SMS) to phones abroad - Send and receive instant messages to and from individuals or groups - Share pictures, videos and other files - Receive calls to their existing online number - See when Skype contacts are online and available to call or IM - Easily import names and numbers from the phone's address book Skype for Symbian will run on any Nokia smartphone using Symbian ^1, the latest version of the Symbian platform. Skype will soon introduce this client to Symbian mobile devices from other manufacturers, including Sony Ericsson. "Symbian enables us to bring smartphones to more and more people and ensures scale for our solutions and compelling services, such as Skype. We're seeing around 1.5 million downloads a day on Ovi Store now and believe that the Skype client for Nokia smartphones will have wide appeal to Symbian users," said Jo Harlow, Senior Vice President for Smartphones, Nokia. The initial Skype for Symbian application is compatible with the following Nokia touchscreen models: Nokia N97, Nokia N97 mini, Nokia X6, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and Nokia 5530 and the following non-touch devices: Nokia E72, Nokia E71, Nokia E90, Nokia E63, Nokia E66, Nokia E51, Nokia N96, Nokia N95, Nokia N95 8Gb, Nokia N85, Nokia N82, Nokia N81, Nokia N81 8 Gb, Nokia N79, Nokia N78, Nokia 6220 classic, Nokia 6210 Navigator, Nokia 5320. For more information on Skype for Symbian, including the latest supported handset list, at

Nokia Gives Away Free Worldwide Walk & Drive Navigation For New Ovi Maps. Today’s big news from Nokia is that they’re making walk and drive navigation free on their smartphones with the new version of Ovi Maps. These features used to cost extra. Nokia devices with built-in GPS releasing after March 2010 will include the new version of Ovi Maps, pre-loaded with local country map data, with high-end walk and drive navigation and access to Lonely Planet and Michelin travel guides at no extra cost. Nokia is aiming to make the best maps with voice guided navigation available worldwide for free. The new Ovi Maps will support turn-by-turn voice guidance for 74 countries in 46 languages, and traffic information for over 10 countries, as well as detailed maps for over 180 countries at no extra cost. The new Ovi Maps is immediately available for download at:

The sleek and attractive slide-form music device Nokia X3 is already in our partners' shops. It is designed for a complete music and social entertainment experience, with great quality stereo speakers, built-in FM antenna, Nokia Music, 3.2 megapixel camera, and Ovi Share and Ovi Store.

Nokia N-series fans will be able to get the new N97mini very soon. The first official deliveries of this device on our market will start in the beginning of December.

Universal phone charger standard approved ITU has given its stamp of approval to an energy-efficient one-charger-fits-all new mobile phone solution. The announcement comes as ITU lobbies hard to have the essential role of information and communication technologies (ICTs) recognized in the draft Copenhagen Agreement as a key part of the solution towards mitigating climate change. Every mobile phone user will benefit from the new Universal Charging Solution (UCS), which enables the same charger to be used for all future handsets, regardless of make and model. In addition to dramatically cutting the number of chargers produced, shipped and subsequently discarded as new models become available, the new standard will mean users worldwide will be able to charge their mobiles anywhere from any available charger, while also reducing the energy consumed while charging. The new UCS standard was based on input from the GSMA, which predicts a 50 per cent reduction in standby energy consumption, elimination of 51,000 tonnes of redundant chargers, and a subsequent reduction of 13.6 million tonnes in greenhouse gas emissions each year.

Starting from this week you can find in our partners' shops the new Nokia 3720 classic. It is a durable device that comes with a 2 megapixel camera, stereo FM radio, and pre-loaded Nokia Maps.

Nokia BH-804 - bringing together innovative design and advanced technology to help you connect wirelessly throughout the day. You can find it in our official partners' shops...

Nokia Booklet 3G brings all day mobility to the PC world. After more than 25 years as a pioneer and leader in the mobile industry, Nokia will bring its rich mobility heritage and knowledge to the PC world with the new, Windows based, Nokia Booklet 3G. Powered by the efficient Intel Atom processor, the Nokia Booklet 3G delivers impressive performance with up to 12 hours of battery life and has the features one would expect from the world's leading mobile device manufacturer. Further information, including detailed specifications, market availability and pricing, will be announced at Nokia World on September 2. Till then you can watch the video:

Over a million Ovi Mail accounts created in just eight months. Nokia has just announced that the millionth Ovi Mail account has been activated only eight months after the service started in December 2008. Reportedly, what makes the service so popular is the quick and easy email account setup straight from the phone without the need of a computer. Using Ovi Mail is completely free and is accessible not only using the smarter half of Nokia's portfolio (namely the numerous S60 smartphones) but also by the more affordable S40 devices.

Nokia 6600i slide is officialy on the Bulgarian market. The Nokia 6600i slide is a compact slider that balances a compact and elegant design with convenient features like Maps, tap commands, great camera, videos and music. The mobile phone can be found in our partners' shops.

Microsoft and Nokia form global alliance to offer Mobile Productivity Solutions to their costumers. Under the terms of the agreement, the two companies will begin collaborating immediately on the design, development and marketing of productivity solutions for the mobile professional, bringing Microsoft Office Mobile and Microsoft business communications, collaboration and device management software to Nokia’s Symbian devices.

Most people use their mobile phones for talking. Check what finnish people like to do with their mobile devices:

Nokia 5730 XpressMusic is officially on the bulgarian market. Starting from the next week you can find it in our official partners' shops.

After the encouraging financial report yesterday Nokia have another reason to smile today. Vodafone UK published their list of handset that make the most sales recently and two of the Finns' devices are occupying the first two spots. The two two-enabled Nokia handsets are topping the Vodafone UK best selling phones chart for July. The smartphone flagship Nokia N97 comes first, followed closely by the mid-range Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.

Nokia has closed a Vancouver, B.C.-based game studio that was building games for its own N-Gage platform, and has eliminated about 100 jobs in the process, according to multiple reports. A Nokia spokesman told that the closing of the Vancouver Games Development Studio is part of the company’s efforts to streamline its services strategy. As part of that decision, it merged its Media and Games units together and is relocating Nokia’s Games Publishing efforts to Espoo, Finland. While the spokesman would not confirm specifics of the closure, Develop reports that the office officially closed its doors on June 30, affecting 100 employees. The studio previously worked on titles for the first and second generation N-Gage systems and worked on such franchises as Call of Duty, Tiger Woods and Tony Hawk.

Motorola have announced a new, special edition of its AURA luxury cell phone which serves to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the moon landing in coming with a laser etched quote and a host of pre-loaded digital media related to the Moon landing including video clips and sound files - the latter including the lines ‘The Eagle has landed’, ‘That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind’ and the no so famous ‘Oh, so its not made of cheese - better put the crackers away then Neil’. Motorola AURA comes with "Motorola AURA Celestial Edition, Honouring the Apollo 11 mission, 20th July 1969" etched on the rear of its case and, as if pre-loaded digital media isn’t enough, you’ll also get nine postcards related to the Moon landing. Oh, and if you’re after the first one, forget it. It’s going to Neil Armstrong.

Nokia N86 8MP is officially on our market and you can find it in our partners' shops. The phone features an 8 megapixel camera, easy media sharing and other great features in a sleek design. Explore new destinations, capture your memories, and share your discoveries with a multimedia computer.

You can find the new Motorola VE66 in our partners shops. The phone features the first for a Motorola mobile device integrated Widgets, which give you seamless access to news, sports, weather forecast and many other...

Criminals are willing to pay thousands of euros for a discontinued Nokia mobile phone with a software problem that can be exploited to hack into online bank accounts, according to a fraud investigator in the Netherlands. About 10 days ago, investigators observed someone transfer ?25,000 (US$32,413) for a Nokia 1100 phone, said Frank Engelsman of Ultrascan Advanced Global Investigations. The candy-bar style phone is one of Nokia's all-time best-selling models, and originally sold for under ?100. Engelsman said police contacted Ultrascan about six months ago to see if the security company knew why the phones were in demand. Since then, Ultrascan has seen the price for the Nokia 1100 rise from around ?5,000 to the latest figure. "We thought 'What could be so special about the phone?'" Engelsman said. The 1100 was a low-cost phone released in late 2003 and aimed at developing markets. Nokia has sold more than 200 million of the 1100 and its successors. However, the high prices are only being paid for Nokia 1100 phones that were made in a factory in Bochum, Germany, Engelsman said, citing an Ultrascan informant. Those phones contain Nokia software from 2002 that is apparently vulnerable to tampering. Investigators don't have a complete picture of the technical problem. However, Ultrascan's informant said the phones can be used to intercept one-time passwords needed to complete an online banking transaction, Engelsman said. It appears that a known Russian and Moroccan cybercrime gang, as well as other Romanian gangs, are trying to obtain the Nokia 1100 with the vulnerable software, Engelsman said. Nokia officials contacted Monday morning did not have an immediate comment. Engelsman said cybercriminals have collected thousands of user names and passwords for online banking accounts in countries such as Germany and Holland. Banks in those countries also request a TAN (transaction authentication number) code, or a one-time password, to complete a transaction. The banks previously issued lists of TAN codes to customers. During a transaction, the bank would request one of the codes to complete the transaction. However, due to successful phishing attacks where people have been tricked into revealing some TAN codes, the banks are now sending a code by SMS (Short Message Service) to a person's mobile phone, Engelsman said. The Bochum-made 1100 can apparently be reprogrammed to use someone else's phone number, thus intercepting the TAN code and enabling an illegal money transfer into a criminal's account, Engelsman said. Ultrascan is trying to obtain the affected 1100 model to verify if the attack works as described, he said. The Nokia 1100 has had other software problems. A drug-related criminal case in the Netherlands in late 2005 detailed how the police had difficulty linking SMSes sent from certain Nokia 1100 phones to a specific phone number. Police were, however, able to use other means to identify the general area in which the phones were used, which helped bolster their case, Engelsman said.

You can find the luxurious Nokia 8800 Gold Arte in our partners' shops.

Nokia pullback to cost subcontractors $5 billion: iSuppli Nokia's pull-back from using subcontractors in phone-making will shed more than $5 billion in revenue from electronics contract manufacturers, research firm iSuppli said on Friday. The world's top cellphone maker Nokia said on Thursday it has fully stopped using subcontractors in manufacturing of its mobile phone engines, which include the phone and software that enable its basic operations. "This announcement clearly illustrates just how severe the situation in the mobile handset market really is," iSuppli analyst Adam Pick said in a statement. The overall cellphone market is expected to contract by about 10 percent this year, hurt as consumers rein in spending and handset sellers try to clear out unsold phones. Due to Nokia's decision, iSuppli said it would cut its view for the electronics subcontracting market, which it has earlier forecast to shrink 10 percent in 2009 to $270.8 billion. In 2008, Nokia outsourced about 17 percent of the manufacturing volume of its mobile phone engines, which include the phone and software that enable its basic operations. Nokia's key subcontractors have been Foxconn, China's BYD, Jabil Circuit and Elcoteq. Nokia has not decided to stop using outsourcing for good, said a spokeswoman for Nokia, adding that the firm decides on a continuous basis on the need for outsourcing based on demand an own capacity available. Nokia said in January it aimed to cut annual costs at its key handset unit alone by more than 700 million euros to counter plunging demand.

Google announced new YouTube App for Windows Mobile and Nokia S60 phones. "We've been working hard to support more devices and to offer better speed, quality, and robustness in the YouTube app. So we're excited to announce a new version of our mobile YouTube application that's optimized for most Window Mobile and Symbian Series 60 devices. Visit from your phone to download the app."

Some visionaries over at Microsoft Labs have put a lot of hard work and devotion to a video displaying our digital world in 2019. Heavily relying on touch and constant interconnectivity, our digital future looks quite promising - especially to geeks like us. In 2019 smart office and household devices cater for our needs in the most intuitive way possible. Mobile phones for one, have seen quite a few changes. Check the cool video at:

Nokia Corporation Stock exchange release February 26, 2009 at 12:00 (CET+1) Based on previously announced decisions of the Board of Directors to issue shares held by the Company, 5 286 819 Nokia shares (NOK1V) held by the Company are today transferred to approximately 12 000 participants of Nokia's equity based incentive plans as settlement in accordance with the plan rules. Majority of the shares are delivered under the Performance Share Plan 2006.

Sony Ericsson launches Entertainment Unlimited, Reinforcing its Position as the Communication Entertainment Brand Sony Ericsson unveiled the next step in its evolution. The Entertainment Unlimited consumer proposition is the pinnacle of what the company has been working towards since the start of the joint venture in 2001 – the true fusion of communication and entertainment. Bringing together rich content, unique applications and best in class entertainment experiences, the new consumer proposition is based around three key promises: - Uniting best in class entertainment experiences into one offering such as the Walkman™ music experience, the Cyber-shot imaging experience, Java gaming and messaging integrated with services and applications. - Broadening entertainment experiences by seamlessly integrating the mobile phone into other devices in the home letting consumers share and enjoy top quality entertainment content through a variety of channels including TV, PC and Hifi systems. - Fusing communication with entertainment by removing barriers and offering unlimited sharing opportunities, multiplying the value of people’s entertainment experiences through a host of innovative web applications and Sony Ericsson’s unique Play Now offering.

Nokia continues to increase cost-efficiency and adapt operations to market situation Nokia announces voluntary personnel initiatives, introducing Voluntary Resignation Package and encouraging sabbaticals Espoo, Finland - As part of its previously announced plans to increase cost-efficiency and adapt to the challenging market environment, Nokia today announced new voluntary measures aimed at reducing personnel-related costs and lessening the need for involuntary redundancies. The initiatives announced today include the global Voluntary Resignation Package and wider use of short-term unpaid leaves and sabbaticals. Nokia also encourages employees to take holiday as time off instead of taking cash compensation in 2009. "The response from employees and employee representatives in proposing ideas to help reduce personnel-related costs has been encouraging. We have considered these and are now announcing voluntary initiatives that could contribute to our efforts to adjust our cost base to the current market environment. If successful, the voluntary initiatives will lessen the need for involuntary redundancies," said Hallstein Moerk, Nokia's Head of Human Resources.

Garmin and ASUS have already begun joint development on a diverse mobile phone product line, which will be known as the Garmin-Asus n?vifone™ series. The companies expect to bring to market several Garmin-Asus n?vifone models in 2009, and a new Garmin-Asus n?vifone model will be announced at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, Spain, February 16-19, 2009.

Today on a special presentation Total Telecom officially announced the presence of Motorola Aura on our market. Many journalists and our partners were part of the event in Black Label Club. AURA is a luxury phone for the cultured, hip professional who expects a mobile experience that matches his or her personality.

Five hundred million phones and counting! Nokia announced that their Komarom, Hungary facility celebrated a milestone after producing its 500 millionth phone. The number is impressive due to the fact that all 500 million phones were manufactured at that single factory. Nokia’s CEO, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, praised the staff at the location for their achievement and dedication to quality work. The factory itself was established in 1999 for phones shipped out to Europe, Middle East, and African markets. Many of Nokia’s finest devices graced their assembly line. These include the popular Nokia 2760, Nokia 6300, and their latest Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. So what was the 500 millionth device produced at the factory you might ask? Sure enough it was the Nokia N79 in silver!

The new XpressMusic sensation Nokia 5800 will be officially announced on the Bulgarian market in Week 3 of 2009. Starting from the next week you can find the first and unique touchscreen of Nokia in the shops of our official partners.

Espoo, Finland - Nokia today announced that it has completed its offer to acquire Symbian Limited. All conditions to Nokia's offer to acquire Symbian Limited have been satisfied and it has received valid acceptance of greater than 99.9% of the total Symbian shares that Nokia did not already own. Symbian is the software company that develops and licenses Symbian OS, the market-leading open operating system for mobile devices.

When it comes to music phones, people all over the world want a device that is a great music experience - with more memory, loud and powerful speakers, easy synchronization - and must still work well as a mobile phone with direct access to important contacts and content. The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic delivers on all counts and allows consumers to access and share content. "With the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, we set out to connect people through the one thing we all feel a universal connection to - music," said Jo Harlow, Vice President, Nokia. "The way in which people enjoy music is different around the world. With that in mind, the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic gives people the freedom to experience music they love in the way they prefer." The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic should be available worldwide end of the fourth quarter of 2008.

Nokia and T-Mobile introduced the first film, fully made of videos, shot by Nokia users. In the montage took part and the famous director Spike Lee. The result can be seen on

Espoo, Finland - Nokia today announced the expansion of the Nokia Media Network, a mobile advertising network that reaches more than 100 million consumers around the globe. Some of the biggest players in media from across Europe have joined the Nokia Media Network, furthering its reputation of providing global audience reach on high-quality mobile sites. The additions include the following publishers: - Agence France-Presse, France - RTL Mobile, Germany - Cuatro, Spain - Grupo Prisa, publisher of El Pa?s, Spain - Unidad Editorial, publisher of El Mundo, Spain - CNET, UK - Telegraph Media Group, UK - Trinity Mirror, UK - International Herald Tribune, pan-European

ASUS today launched the ASUS P552w PDA phone which features Glide – an innovative touch-responsive user interface that makes navigating and performing tasks on a mobile phone more intuitive and interactive than ever before. Equipped with a 624MHz processor and a host of market-leading features such as 3.5G HSDPA connectivity, GPS and seamless Google integration*, the ASUS P552w PDA phone is a perfect fit for the rising tide of young, tech-savvy professionals who appreciate a good-looking mobile companion that packs a wealth of fun features and yet is no slouch when it comes to work.

Be environmentally friendly! The new Nokia multi-voltage charger AC-8 helps you to make a big energy saving difference. If you forget to unplug, this green performer uses just 10% of the standby power used by conventional chargers. Try not to forget though!

Total Telecom signed an official agreement for distribution with one of the leading producers of mobile devices – Motorola.

The new Nokia E71 is already in Bulgaria.The device is designed for the way we work. With optimised messaging and email, high speed connections, and navigation. You can find Nokia E71 in the shops of our oficial partners.

Total Telecom offers on the market the new Nokia product E66.Designed for the way we work we have excellent personal information management,classy design for professionals and embedded entertainment.

Nokia launched N7310 the first representative of their SUPERNOVA series. Nokia 7310 is a sleek and slim phone with colourful exchangeable covers that can be refreshed to mirror your personality and match your social lifestyle. Nokia 7310 Supernova can be found in the shops of our official partners.

Total Telecom offers on the market a new and unique product - Savcor covers. These are original Nokia covers engraved with picture and text chosen by you. You can find more info about the product at:

In our partners' shops you can find the new Sony Ericsson G502 phone. It gives you email and Web access on the move. High-speed 3G or HSDPA provides the connectivity power you need. Sunscreen or raincoat? G502 knows. Your phone has a weather application that gives you 3-day weather forecasts – wherever you are.

These days Nokia offered to our market a new interesting device - Nokia Extra Power DC-8 enables charging of a mobile device battery on the move. The small size of the Extra Power device and streamlined design means it is easy to carry around even while taking a call. Other features include automatic start-up when device is connected, rechargeable and non-rechargeable AA size batteries can be used and the device automatically detects which type of battery is inserted. The rechargeable battery can be charged with standard Nokia chargers (2.0mm interface and 3.5mm interface with CA-44) and two indicator LEDs.

N78 - the latest Nokia phone from the multimedia computers generation is available in our partners shops. Find your location, listen to hours of superb quality audio, access your home media remotely, and browse the web faster with this remarcable device.

In our partners shops you can already find the new N3120 Classic, an affordable 3G mobile device featuring a 2-megapixel camera and flash, a quality 2” display, music player, FM radio, expendable memory up to 4GB.

Nokia announced future production of many mobile phones with integrated GPS receiver. For customers whose phone doesn't have this feature installed, Nokia offers a new interesting device - LD-4W GPS module. The GPS module transfers the satellite data through Bluetooth to your mobile phone, so if you have navigation software installed you can turn your Nokia phone into a navigation system. LD-4W can be mounted to your front car window or to your belt with various attachments included in the sales package.

In our partners' shops you can find the new masterpiece of Nokia - 8800 Sapphire Arte.

A new elegant Nokia bluetooth headset appeard on the market. With a Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-803 you can adjust volume with a quick touch; hear and be heard even in noisy surroundings thanks to smart digital signal processing (DSP). More info at:

The new Nokia N95 8GB phone is already on the bulgarian market. The device is with bigger internal memory and more powerful battery. More info at:

Total Telecom signed a contract for distribution with Sony Ericsson. The full range of phones and accessories you can find in our partners' shops. For more info about their products:

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